Derapushkar Resort

The Dera Pushkar is an ideal base to explore desert life, culture, and landscape of breathtaking beauty in Rajasthan, India. Dera symbolizes Tent or Padaav in the local dialect. Within The Dera Pushkar timeless horizons, you will find yourself one with nature. A day at the Dera is full of fun and active along with the serenity of the rising and the setting sun. The evening here is a completely different atmosphere leaving you with enough thoughts and imaginations for your dreams.

Luxurious Tents

Multi Cuisine Restaurant

Nature Walking & Jogging Track


Natural Mountain Tracking Path


Machaan (Dais)

Our Standard

1. Never serve food that has expired.
2. Soothing music according to mood.
3. Keep the restaurant spotless.
4. Keep necessary difference in service of Veg and Non-Veg food if needed.
5. Assurance of quick service
6. Your comfort & pleasure is our top priority
7. Resort close to Nature
8. Good view of Pushkar, the holi city, from Resort